Food For Thought: A blog about Food, Bikes, Politics, Environmentalism, and the Economy

Welcome to my webpage: I am a food system scholar and author of The Politics of the Pantry: Stories, Food and Social Change. I am also a small scale farmer, bicycle enthusiast and the Community Food Network Manager with the Halton Food Council, where I hope to be part of a vibrant, resilient food systems renaissance in the region. in the Sustainable Futures Program at McMaster University and run a unique farm that focus on Urban Homesteading and teaching people how to reconnect with their food.

Most of my research falls under the following headings

  1. Sustainable Food Production, especially local and organic food systems
  2. Political Ecology: I am especially interested in the link between economic and ecological debt
  3. Utopian and Dystopian thinking, especially as it relates to imagining and practicing sustainable alternatives to capitalism
  4. Cultural Studies: consumerism, popular culture, literature and film

This blog will share all my passions, whether that involves making guanciale, long distance cycling, or critical theory.